Assessment using Journal Writing

22 May 2018

Consider this anchor task: “How do you calculate 26 x 28?”


Teachers may ask students to write one of the following types of journals – descriptive journal, evaluative journal, creative journal and investigative journal.


Descriptive journal:

Explain how to calculate 26 x 28 in the shortest amount o×f time.


Evaluative journal:

To calculate 26 x 28, which method do you prefer and why?

26 x 28 = (26 x 30) – 52                   or            26 x 28 = (25 x 28) + 28


Creative journal:

Write a story for 26 x 28.


Investigative journal:

Investigate the product of two 2-digit numbers that differ by 2.



Do you have other ideas on how to empower learners through journal writing in the Mathematics classroom? Share them with us!