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Primary Series

Designed in accordance with extensively-researched approaches 
used in Singapore, these books adopt a spiral design with the 
integration of the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) approach.

think Mathematics

think! Mathematics is a series of textbooks that is based on various learning theories.

A three-part lesson structure of Anchor Task, Guided Practice and Independent Practice is adopted. ICT, concrete aids and manipulatives are incorporated. Students have opportunities to hone problem-solving skills and apply Mathematics in real-world contexts.

Combining the effectiveness of teaching pedagogies and innovative ideas, the content has been aligned to the Cambridge Primary Mathematics Syllabus and Common Core States Standards.

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What They're Saying.

Testimonial 1

We love this program! Our students are becoming problem solvers, and they look forward to math class every day!

Julie Thompson
St. Edward's School
Vero Beach, FL

Testimonial 2

My students now approach math lessons with the same excitement and vigor as they do recess! As a result of the think! Mathematics program, their growth mindset has grown in leaps and bounds. I have students of all abilities communicating, exploring and gushing over math!

Tara Liguori
St. Anne's Episcopal School, Delaware

Testimonial 3

The teachers are delighted with the books and the impact on our students' learning has been outstanding. We are finding that the books allow us to put our philosophy into action. 

Northshore Schools, New York