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Primary Courses

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Types of Courses:

Concept Based Courses
  • Core Courses
  • Elective Courses
Content Based Courses
Concept Based Courses

Core Courses

PMC1001: Key Learning Theories for the Teaching and Learning of Primary Mathematics
PMC1002:  Effective Lesson Planning for High Quality Learning
PMC1003:  Learning Mathematics through Reasoning and Communication 
PMC1004:  Using Heuristics to Solve Challenging Problems 
PMC1005:  Use of Model Method in Problem Solving 

Summative Assessment - An Integral Component of Learning and Teaching 
Techniques for Effective Mathematics Classroom Management

Elective Courses

PMC1101: Transition from Early Childhood Numeracy to Primary Mathematics
PMC1102:  Differentiated Instruction for Mixed Ability Learners
PMC1103:  Enhancing Mathematical Thinking using Thinking Routines
Alternative Assessments 
PMC1105:  Teacher as a Reflective Practitioner through Lesson Study

Content Based Courses
PMC1201: Teaching of Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers
PMC1202:  Teaching of Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers
PMC1203:  Teaching of Fractions and Decimals
PMC1204:  Teaching of Geometry
PMC1205:  Teaching of Mensuration
PMC1206:  Teaching of Statistics