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Sarah Schaefer is known for blending research with best practice as she travels the world sharing her classroom successes with teachers who are in need of logical, current, quick take-aways that result in meaningful growth. With a Masters in Education from Boston University, Sarah was early to embrace the training of Dr. Yeap Ban Har and employ the Singapore Math® methodology. She served more than twenty highly successful years as a classroom teacher, department head, and curriculum specialist.

A two-year recipient of the Quality Teaching Award Jessie Ball duPont Endowment, Sarah has received grants and awards throughout her teaching and consulting career. Sarah has presented at NCTM, FCR-STEM, TEACH, and at her own summer institutes where she has trained hundreds of teachers to bring meaning back to their fast-paced classrooms. Sarah has authored articles, textbooks, and curriculum as she blazes a path for teachers to make their daily instruction more purposeful and engaging.

Sarah Schaefer has consulted with hundreds of public and private schools, offering both presentations and real-time guidance to thousands of teachers. Sarah implemented the Singapore Math® curriculum while using her own knowledge and teaching style to simplify delivery while maintaining challenging content. Her classroom students and her mentored teachers have responded with an enthusiasm for learning both in real time and also on
their standardized tests. Sarah is on a mission to empower teachers, students, and parents to enjoy and understand math with passion.