Implementing a 3-part lesson Approach in think! Mathematics

21 February 2019


Anchor Task, Guided Practice, and Independent Practice. Together, they form the 3-part lesson approach used in think! Mathematics.

The 3-part lesson approach in think! Mathematics is based on the work of Zoltan Dienes: To explore during learning before learning in formal approaches, to learn something well before embarking on practice involving guidance, and to practice independently. 

The Anchor Task presents a problem to students for them to discuss and explore ways to solve it together with other students. At the end of the Anchor Task, students are encouraged to share their findings and journal their experiences or solutions.

The Guided Practice consists of a few tasks and follows the Anchor Task. Students receive guidance by discussing with their friends, using concrete materials, or referring to the prompts from the characters in the book. Teachers can address misconceptions students may have at this stage.

The Independent Practice in the Workbook provides opportunities for students to work on tasks on their own.

How has the 3-part lesson approach worked for you? Share your experiences with us!