How does think! Mathematics help teachers deliver good lessons

10 October 2019

In addition to the 5 key learning theories behind think! Mathematics, the design of the series also incorporates features that address research findings on difficulties that teachers face in teaching mathematics.

Feature 1: Provision of Anchor Tasks

Anchor Tasks in every lesson are presented clearly in the textbook. Teachers can go into class and implement the task immediately. Time that was previously used in planning Anchor Tasks can now be used in planning ways to organise classroom discussion and thinking of differentiated teaching strategies.

Feature 2: Purposeful choice of numbers

Numbers in think! Mathematics are not randomly chosen. They have been carefully researched so that teachers can anticipate the range of students’ responses. Numbers are also carefully selected so that beginners are able to access the ideas and advanced learners continue to be challenged.

Feature 3: Content designed for both students and teachers

Lessons are designed not only for students but also for teachers. Necessary content knowledge is included in each lesson and teachers are reminded of critical core concepts to help them learn the content before teaching.

Have you benefited from these features? Share your experiences with us!