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K5 Lesson Design and Delivery
Date  :  11 April 2018
Time  :  0830 - 1500
Venue  :  Matrix Corporate Center, Danbury, CT, USA
Trainer  :  Dr Yeap Ban Har
K5 Lesson Design and Delivery

The focus of this full-day workshop is using the Singapore approach to design and deliver highly effective mathematics lessons. Lessons that meet the needs of the diverse populations in today's classrooms, while creating an environment of extraordinary engagement and deeper, more meaningful learning.

Many people do not know that Singapore is a very diverse country. Their students have as many different needs and challenges as the students in the United States, or any other developed nation. What sets Singapore apart is that since the 1970’s, their students have outperformed the rest of the world in mathematics achievement. This progress is nothing short of incredible and has been the result of many years of effortful collaboration and research. At the core of this country's success is the way they design, deliver and assess their mathematics lessons. Void of unnecessary structures, technology and grounded in select bodies of the most effective education research, their approach to instruction is simple, elegant and powerful.

This workshop is organised by our partner 3R Consulting Services, Inc.

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